the exam

– I come to all classes,  my exam will be oral, written, or only about the blog?

By the end of the course there will be three families of students.

a) students who have a complete/interesting/fascinating digital collection using the Tumblr and Twitter account (built during the course upon a regular base, using my presentations/lectures/guests as trigger to improve and enhance their own blogs).

b) the ones who have a lousy digital collection (in italian language: “tirato via”)

c) the ones who have no digital collection.

For all of them the exam will be similar: a written test on the material presented along the class (all linked to this blog) and an oral exam on their digital collection.

All students must have a digital collection.

– How is the final grade defined?

50% from the written test + 50% from the oral exam on your digital collection.

– The written text will be about the content as explained in the classroom or there will be more?

All materials presented in the courses are linked to this website. The written text will refer to these materials.

– What kind of question we will get on the oral exam on our blogs?

Here below a possible list of questions to be used to trigger some useful conversation during the oral exam.

Please note it is not an exhaustive list, it is just to give you an idea of the kind of conversation I would like to have during the exam.

– Can you explain me the main concept of your digital collection?

– Can you show the most interesting posts / tweets you made?

– What makes them interesting?

– Can you show the posts/tweets you are not satisfied about?

– Why aren’t you happy about them?

– Were the digital collections of your colleagues useful for your exercise?

– The digital collection you like the most (apart from yours)?

– Why?

– If you were to start the exercise again, what would be the differences?

– What did you learn with the digital collection exercise?

– Finally, having to define “design” what would you say?

– The materials presented during the course, were they interesting?

– Which one did you find interesting the most?

– What about the visits?

– If I have no digital collection, what kind of question will be asked during the oral exam?

If you have no digital collection, you won’t be able to attend the oral exam.

Finally some general questions, to be asked to everyone (both in the written and oral test):

–  How “design” could be relevant to your future career?

– Can you explain some example of “design” in relation to business as far as you understood?

– Given the condition of  economic crisis we are facing now, how design in relation to an production of ideas, objects and events should be evolved?

– Upon the logic of capitalism and consumerism, design should support the production of more and more objects for extreme consumption of everybody, it seems that this logic might not be working any longer, what do you think about this? What are the agendas that design should manipulate?


(image on top: Backgammon game, from Luttrell Psaler,ca. 1325/35).


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