i used my mail address since i was 14…

my email address is seven years old and I have emails that I don’t want to lose in it, that is why I keep it even if it is really stupid.

I don’t understand what you mean with a “better one”, but I can create a different email address or you can write me on my university email address…

dear xyz, we all run several different characters in our life: I am teacher at Bocconi, I work as professional in design field, I have my friends and so on.

If I have a very intense email life with my friends from grade school, then of course I am supposed to use an account with a very  funny/jolly/silly name. At the same if I have to send an email to professor Baia Curioni in Bocconi University, to use: stefanoiscoolandkicksyourass@hotmail.com, could be not so good.

If I write you from the mail account: stefanoisbest@hotmail.com, I am definitely defining myself as a very strange and curious and odd teacher. The same goes for you (as a student at Bocconi) writing to your professor.


It is not a substantial issue, it is a tiny detail.

just, so many times , the relevan bits of our lifes are made by tiny details.


(image on top: Charles and Ray Eames, House of Cards, 1952)


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