i would like to work on “make-up”

I would like to work on “make up” or “mobile communication”. Would it be ok?

Both themes are ok, still what is relevant is not “what” but rather “how”.

Here is my reply to your colleague (sent it yesterday):

buongiorno xyz, very fine “gardening” as well as “wine”.

also “recycle” could be ok.

here is the process:

a) choose a subject

b) make sure the subject is interesting

c) make sure the subject allows you to observe it throught the “how” theme (i.e.: “i choose chocolate and i analyze “how” chocolate can be made: by a single person, a small group, a craftsman shop, a little company, a big company, a huge corporation).

d) narrow down the theme (i.e. from “fashion” we narrow down to “hats”)

e) narrow down more (i.e. from “hats” we narrow down to “the italian hat”

d) start to work.

all the themes you point at could be actually very ok.

“wine” for instance would be very nice.

this because you can have this multiple way of “how to make” wine

you can have a single person making wine for his own pleasure

a single person making his small wine production for friends and family

a family business working for a selected public

a litte cantina sociale (farm coop)

a big cantina sociale (like “cantine riunite” in reggio emilia)

all the way to big corporate who sell wine through huge distribution channels (carrefour, etc).

the theme is always the same (wine), the way the final product is made is radically different.

we are curious about these differences.


(image on top: Gabriele Devecchi, Trebok, Devecchi, 2001)


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